IPP canteen/cafeteria

Temporarily closed until further notice.


Studentenwerk canteens and cafeterias

Please find an overview of all canteens and cafeterias in Garching here. Please note that for payment a Legic Card is needed in most of them.


FMI Bistro

Boltzmannstr. 3
cash payment
Mon-Fri 07:30-19:00


Food trucks
  • close to the U-Bahn entrance/opposite of the IPP gate.
    • Bakery (bread, sandwiches, coffee, beverages, snacks): Mon-Fri 07:00-18:00
    • Onkel Luus Asia Imbiss: Mon-Fri 11:00-15:00
    • Gourmet Imbiss (fried and curry sausages, steaks, potato chips, beverages): Mon-Thu 11:00-16:00, Fri -15:00
  • Next to crossing Boltzmannstr/Karl-Schwarzschildstr (MPA/MPE/ESO)
    • Italian Food truck (Tuesdays, Thursdays only)
  • Behind IPP canteen (Gießenbachstr, on IPP campus)
    • varying food trucks every day 11:00 - 14:00