Challenges, Innovations and Developments in Precision Calculations for the LHC

28 July - 22 August 2014

Michael Krämer, Stefan Dittmaier, Nigel Glover, Gudrun Heinrich

Week 1 open
Mo, 28.07.Tue, 29.09.Wed, 30.07.Thu, 31.07.Fri, 01.08.
 16:00 Stefan Gieseke: "Kick-off talk about Monte Carlo issues"
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14:00 Sergey Larin: Quantum chromodynamics with massive gluons"
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14:00 Thomas Luebbert: Towards NNNLL_qT resummation: transverse PDFs at NNLO"
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Week 2 open
Mo, 04.08.Tue, 05.08.Wed, 06.08.Thu, 07.08.Fri, 08.08.
14:00 Doreen Wackeroth: "Kick-off talk about electrowea
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14:00 Stefan Weinzierl: "NLO precision calculations and automation"14:00 Roberto Pittau: "Four Dimensional Renormalization (FDR) at 1-loop and beyond"
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15:30 "EW coffee"14:00 Johannes Henn: "Informal discussion about multi-loop Feynman integrals"
  18:00 BBQ  
Week 3 open
Mo, 11.08.Tue, 12.08.Wed, 13.08.Thu, 14.08.Fri, 15.08.
top quark physics day 14:00: discussion on top quark related issues14:00 Zoltan Nagy: "Deductor: a parton shower generator" 
Week 4 open
Mo, 18.08.Tue, 19.08.Wed, 20.08.Thu, 21.08.Fri, 22.08.
14:00 Giulia Zanderighi: "QCD resummation and parton shower matching" 14:00 James Currie: "Techniques for NNLO calculations"  
  18:00 BBQ