Please prepare the following

  1. Program title.
  2. A brief description of the prospective program: topics, motivation, goals and expected outcome, as well as timeliness. Please explain the background for a non-expert reader and specifics for specialists to provide the program committee with all relevant information for the selection (no more than three pages).
  3. A list of several (!) preferred dates for the program. Please consider potential timing conflicts with other conferences (national and international).
  4. Name and full contact details of the corresponding coordinator.
  5. A list of at least two and no more than four further coordinators, who agreed to coordinate the program, including the name of their institutions and e-mail addresses. Mention the relevant areas of expertise of each co-organizer. If none of the coordinators is from a Munich institution, please specify who could be a local contact person and how you plan to involve the Munich scientists. Please contact the MIAPP directors if you need help identifying a local contact person.
  6. Expressions of interest to attend the program (for a minimum of two weeks) of key scientists in the field of the program.
  7. You may also decide to organize an additional short two to three day workshop within the four-week program. (Participation and registration for the workshop is separate from general program admission.) If already known, please indicate whether you plan to organize an additional workshop and specify the topic and title.

For your convenience you can download templates for your proposal here
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