MIAPP encourages scientists affiliated with a university or research institution to submit program proposals. 

A program

  • features a current and exciting topic from astrophysics, cosmology, particle and nuclear physics or adjacent diciplines - interdisciplinary programs are very welcome, too!
  • is organised by three to five coordinators (max. four external coordinators and not more than two from the local area).
  • lasts four weeks.
  • schedule consists of one, maybe two talks per day and leaves much time for informal discussions and actual work.

Requirements for proposal submission

  • Proposal submission implies a commitment of each coordinator to spend at least half of the time in residence with the program (MIAPP strongly encourages all proposers to stay at MIAPP for the four weeks of their program).
  • The proposal is submmitted by the designated corresponding coordinator.
  • Proposals for the year following the coming year are evaluated every year at the beginning of December by the MIAPP committee.
  • Proposers are affiliated with a university or research institution.
  • Please pay attention to the submission deadline displayed below.
  • Instructions for submitting proposal

Deadline for 2022 programs:

To receive full consideration, proposals for programs in 2022 should be submitted by 30 September 2020.

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