Novel Hidden Sectors: From Colliders to Cosmology



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Novel Hidden Sectors: From Colliders to Cosmology

2 – 27 August 2021
Yang Bai, Julia Harz, Graham Kribs, Ethan Neil, Yael Shadmi


Strongly-interacting hidden sectors may be involved in the solutions to the key questions of fundamental physics: the naturalness problem, the identity of dark matter, and their possible interplay.

Such hidden sectors are featured in a wide variety of theoretical models, ranging from composite Higgs and neutral naturalness models, to multi-component, strongly-interacting dark matter.

Their experimental signatures are diverse, significantly broadening the parameter space of dark matter candidates beyond the WIMP paradigm, and motivating a host of novel LHC searches.

This program will bring together beyond-the-Standard Model and lattice theorists, as well as experts on collider and cosmology/astrophysics experiments, in order to make progress on the wide spectrum of theoretical possibilities, and on their experimental implications.



(Deadline: 1 November 2020)

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