MIAPP Programmes 2015

Dark Matter: Astrophysical Probes, Laboratory tests, and Theory Aspects
(DARK MALT 2015) [more...]

2–27 February 2015
Alejandro Ibarra, Jean-Come Lanfranchi, Josef Pradler, Carsten Rott, Jochen Schieck

The New Milky Way: Impact of Large Spectroscopic Surveys on our Understanding of the Milky Way in the Gaia-era [more...]

4-29 May
Andreas Burkert, Sofia Feltzing, Gerry Gilmore, Luca Pasquini, Sofia Randich, Achim Weiss

Indirect Searches for New Physics in the LHC and Flavour Precision Era [more...]

1-26 June
Gerhard Buchalla, Gino Isidori, Ulrich Nierste, Jure Zupan

Anticipating 14 TeV: Insights into Matter from the LHC and Beyond [more...]

29 June - 24 July
Csaba Csaki, Lisa Randall, Michael Ratz, Andreas Weiler

Star Formation History of the Universe [more...]

27 July - 21 August
Amy Barger, Andreas Burkert, Richard Davies, Guinevere Kauffmann

The Many Faces of Neutron Stars [more...]

24 August - 18 September
Werner Becker, David Blaschke, Ed v.d. Heuvel, Michael Kramer, Nick Kylafis, Joachim Trümper

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