Scientists affiliated with a university or research institution may submit a programme proposal. Typically, a programme will be organised by four coordinators, of which at least one should be from the Munich research area. Please consult the MIAPP directors if you need assistance in identifying a local coordinator. The proposals should cover the most current and exciting topics from astrophysics, cosmology, particle and nuclear physics. Only one of the coordinators – the designated corresponding coordinator – should submit the proposal. Every year at the beginning of December, the Programme Committee decides on the programme schedule for the year following the coming year.

The duration of a programme is four weeks. The submission of a proposal implies a commitment by each organiser to spend at least half of this time in residence with the programme. Proposers are strongly encouraged to stay in residence at MIAPP for the full duration of their programmes.

A typical programme day consists of one, maybe two talks per day and leaves much time for informal discussions and actual work. The coordinators may also decide to organise an additional short two to three day workshop within the four weeks of the programme. (Participation and registration for the workshop is then separate from the general programme admission.) If already known, please indicate whether you plan to organise a programme and/or additional workshop and specify the topic and title.

Deadline for 2019 programmes:

To receive full consideration, proposals for programmes in 2019 should be submitted by 30 September 2017.

Instructions for submitting proposals

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