MIAPP programmes last for four weeks and are organised by external and
local coordinators on a topic in Astro-, Particle and Nuclear Physics. The workshop programme typically consists of regular seminars, but leaves much time for collaborations and discussions between the participants in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. A two-week minimum stay is required. The Garching Research Campus with its numerous research institutions as well as its proximity to the city of Munich and the Bavarian Alps offers an inspiring environment. Participants will be provided with an office in the MIAPP building and will be accommodated in a hotel/apartment at Garching or Munich. External participants will receive a daily allowance of EUR 80.00 to cover (part of) their local costs including housing.

MIAPP programmes are organised by three to five coordinators (preferentially one or two from the Munich research area. The MIAPP directors may provide assistance in identifying contact persons.) The coordinators outline the details of the workshop and consider the applications for the respective workshop.  Application for participation is open - please select a programme from the menu on the right side of this page to proceed to the application form.

MIAPP also organises short specialised topical workshops embedded into a long-term programme. Registration for topical workshops is separate from the participation in a MIAPP programme - see the menu on the left-side of this page. Note that MIAPP does not cover a per diem for participants of topical workshops who are not simultaneously registered for a long-term programme.

We invite the scientific community to submit programme proposals. Instructions for preparing proposals can be found here.

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