Financial Support - How does it Work?

Financial support - only for external participants (i.e. not from institutions in Munich/Garching)


1) Combination of per diem and honorarium

- standard procedure

- 80€/day (40€/arrival and departure day); consisting partly of a per diem for local expenses and lodging (approx. 40€) and of an honorarium.

- with family funds: 120€/day (60€ arrival and departure day)

- a remuneration agreement has to be signed


2) Reimbursement

- expenses will be reimbursed up to 80€/day according to original receipts (up to 40€/arrival and departure day).

- with family funds: up to 120€/day (up to 60€/arrival and departure day).

- per diem according to the Bavarian Travel Expenses Law [Bayerisches Reisekostengesetz (BayRKG)] can be imputed [per diem allowance: 21.50€ (from day 15 onwards: 10.75€), lodging allowance 18.50€ (from day 15 onwards: 9.25€)].

- note: if you cannot provide receipts to reach the 80€ (120€) per day, the total amount will be reduced to equal the sum according to your receipts.



If you have further questions, please contact:

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