Financial Support

External participants receive a reimbursement of EUR 80.00 per day to cover (part of) their housing and other local costs. Travel costs have to be covered by the participants. 

Family Funds

For visitors who bring family with one or more children, MIAPP can provide extra support of EUR 40.00 per day. This financial support is not granted automatically, but will be decided after informal application to the MIAPP family fund on a case by case basis. Please mail to or tell us in your MIAPP application form.

Graduate Student Stipends

MIAPP has a limited budget to support the participation of graduate students. These stipends cover travel costs up to EUR 500.00. The reimbursement is the same as for all other non-local participants (EUR 80.00). These stipends are awarded on a competitive basis.

If you want to apply for this stipend, please tell us in your MIAPP application form. Please arrange to have a recommendation letter sent to before registration closes.


For further details regarding financial support, please see here.



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