Code of Conduct

MIAPP is committed to provide a stimulating environment as platform for scientific exchange that allows everyone to experience a productive and successful meeting. Therefore, we expect these guidelines to be followed by everyone at the meeting.

Financial support

To assist with the elaborate costs of an extended visit, MIAPP grants financial support to external participants. more

Prepare the visit

For the stay in Germany a visa may be required. As well, please arrange your accommodation yourself. MIAPP provides a list of suggested housing options at special rates approx. 5 months before the start of a programme. For further information please see here.

Being at MIAPP

Want to know more about the MIAPP facilities, where to find an ATM, a laundromat; where to buy food and which transportation ticket to use best? Find a collection of useful information regarding your stay here.

Getting around

Wanting to explore Munich and/or its surroundings during the weekend? Find here a collection of public transportation tickets that allow you to explore Bavaria.

Acknowledging MIAPP in publications

Your stay at MIAPP was successful? Please acknowledge MIAPP in your publications as indicated here.

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